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◗◗Sustainability in Event Planning: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Events

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Sustainability in Event Planning

Sustainability in Event Planning: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Events

Event sustainability is rapidly gaining traction in the meetings sector. Modern event professionals are increasingly environmentally conscious, striving to make a positive impact on our planet. While the events industry offers unparalleled learning, entertainment, and networking opportunities, its environmental footprint cannot be ignored.

Event planners play a pivotal role in addressing the industry’s sustainability challenges. If you’re unsure where to start, you’re in luck. Organizing a green event is easier than it seems.

Equipped with the right tools and knowledge, you can minimize environmental harm while delivering the exceptional event experiences attendees anticipate. Read on to discover how to craft a successful, eco-friendly, and sustainable event.

What is a sustainable event?

A sustainable event seeks to minimize its environmental footprint. Green event planners adopt strategies to consciously reduce waste, conserve resources, and champion sustainability.

Examples of sustainable event planning include partnering with venues that utilize renewable energy, providing recycling and composting options, collaborating with local vendors to minimize transportation emissions, optimizing water usage, and selecting eco-friendly event materials.

Key Strategies for Sustainability in Event Planning

To implement sustainability in event planning, it’s essential to implement and advocate for green practices. Here are some pivotal strategies event organizers can adopt:

1. Adopt Long-Term Event Planning Solutions

Start with event planning tools that prioritize sustainability while offering streamlined event management features. These tools should support seamless event technology integration and provide real-time insights into attendee engagement and environmental impact.

2. Set Clear Sustainability Goals

Just as you set performance metrics, establish clear sustainability objectives for your event. Identify which environmental aspects you aim to improve, be it waste reduction, energy conservation, or minimizing transportation emissions.

3. Communicate Your Green Initiatives

Harness the power of event marketing to spotlight your eco-friendly efforts. Craft compelling narratives about your green initiatives and share them through your website, event blog, social media, emails, or videos.

4. Embrace Digital Solutions

Go paperless. Opt for digital communication tools over printed materials. This not only conserves resources but also offers attendees a more interactive and personalized experience.

5. Virtual Events

Virtual events significantly reduce environmental impact. A study from the University of Michigan found that a virtual event produces 66 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its physical counterpart. If you’re hosting a virtual event for sustainability reasons, communicate this to your audience.

6. Hybrid Events

The second-best strategy for supporting sustainability in event planning is to opt for a hybrid event. 34% of event organizers expect to invest in hybrid events in the next few years. Because of hybrid events, a considerable chunk of your in-person audience may transfer online or to a less-traveled location. Remember that merely adding a virtual audience to your in-person crowd will not increase the sustainability of your event—the greater the number of people, the greater the environmental effect.

However, the realm of hybrid events is large and diverse. Not all hybrid event models are equally long-term. The selection of hybrid venues is important in making events viable. Consider hosting your hybrid experience at a studio or several regional and local hubs.

7. Measure and Share the Impact

Track and assess the results sustainability in event planning yields to better understand its environmental effect. Gather information on trash reduction, energy use, and carbon emissions. Use this data to develop goals for future events and convey your accomplishments. Share success stories and lessons gained with attendees and stakeholders to inspire others to incorporate sustainability into their events and activities.

By applying five important principles, event organizers can foster an environmentally aware culture and generate positive change. Promoting eco-friendly methods helps the environment while improving the event experience, strengthening brand reputation, and contributing to a more sustainable future for future generations.

sustainability in event planning


Bringing sustainability in event planning is more than following this article’s advice. These suggestions just set the groundwork for your event sustainability program, upon which you may develop a more comprehensive and detailed green strategy.

It is feasible to create a green event without sacrificing the guest experience! All you have to do is begin somewhere. Your event does not have to have zero trash to be considered sustainable. Focus on adopting one long-term plan at a time, and you’ll be well on your way to success in no time.

The correct tools are critical when organizing eco-friendly events and reaching sustainability objectives. momencio emerges as the perfect partner for event planners devoted to sustainability, thanks to its broad feature set and seamless event technology integration. momencio comes with features like lead capture, retrieval, badge scanning, and real-time lead engagement insights. 

Contact us and get momencio today to take a step toward a greener yet more efficient event planning and management!

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momencio - AI Lead Enrichment


The AI Lead Enrichment is a proprietary service of momencio designed to simplify and enhance the
process of capturing and enriching lead information at any type of event.

By using momencio’s mobile or tablet app, you can use the device’s camera to take a clear picture of any form of identification, including, but not limited to, name tags/event badges/business cards. Our AI-driven service leverages OCR technology to identify any information captured and map any relevant data to a contact record. The contact record is then fed to our Lead Enrichment service, which creates a more complete contact record. The process provides exhibitors with the most accurate and up-to-date contact details available.

The Reality of Event Data Collection

In the dynamic environment of event floors, achieving perfect data accuracy can sometimes be challenging. Both traditional lead capture methods using event APIs and AI Lead Enrichment strive for
high accuracy, but various factors can impact the data collected:

  • Personal Email Usage: Some attendees register with personal email addresses.
  • Name Misspellings: Minor errors can occur during registration.
  • Generic Email Addresses: Use of addresses like
  • Broad Registration Categories: Attendees might register under general titles (e.g., Biomedical
  • Complex Company Structures: Companies with multiple sub-companies can complicate data


AI Lead Enrichment is specifically designed to manage these scenarios, continually learning and
adapting to improve its accuracy.

Advanced Services for Lead Enrichment

AI Lead Enrichment leverages a suite of advanced tools and services to ensure the highest quality data retrieval:

  • Machine Learning: Continuously improves the accuracy of lead data.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): Enhances basic information with additional details.
  • Data Enrichment: Adds valuable contact details to enhance lead profiles.
  • LinkedIn Services: Provides up-to-date professional profiles.

Our Commitment to Excellence

AI Lead Enrichment excels in providing accurate data, yet certain edge cases may present challenges. These include:

  • Private LinkedIn Profiles: Some professional details might be inaccessible.
  • Personal Email Addresses: When registrants use personal rather than business emails.
  • Small-Scale Businesses: Limited online presence can affect data richness.
  • Self-Employed Individuals: Lack of company affiliation might limit available data.
  • Event Staff Contacts: Scanned badges may occasionally belong to event staff.
  • Extensive Sub-Company Networks: Complexity in identifying the correct entity.
  • Security-Sensitive Industries: Industries like military or government may have restricted

Despite these potential challenges,
AI Lead Enrichment strives to provide the best possible data,
ensuring valuable insights for effective follow-ups.

How AI Lead Enrichment Enhances Your Event Strategy

  1. Data Capture: Seamlessly capture attendee information such as first name, last name, and
    company name.
  2. Data Enrichment: Utilize AI to enhance this basic information with additional details like
    business email and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Immediate Engagement: Send personalized follow-up emails and provide links to personalized
    microsites to maintain engagement.


momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment innovative technology ensures high data accuracy and enrichment, significantly improving your follow-up strategies and boosting overall event ROI.

By operating independently of event-specific APIs, ULC offers versatility across various events while enhancing your lead capture and engagement efforts.

Additional Information on Event APIs

Traditional event APIs play a crucial role in modern event management, facilitating tasks like attendee data collection and session tracking. However, there are common challenges associated with these APIs:

  • Data Delays: Delays in data delivery can affect timely decision-making.
  • Inconsistent Data Quality: Variability in data quality can undermine event analytics.
  • Misleading Event Data: Issues like duplicates can lead to inaccurate attendee estimates.
  • Limited Data Scope: Traditional APIs might miss crucial information that enhances attendee
    engagement and event ROI.


momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment overcomes these challenges by offering enriched data with high
accuracy, making it a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional event APIs.

How AI Lead Enrichment Works

  1. Data Capture: Captures attendee information, including first name, last name, and company
  2. Data Enrichment: Enhances basic information with additional details like business email and
    LinkedIn profile.
  3. Immediate Engagement: Sends personalized follow-up emails and links to personalized
    microsites for continued engagement.

By leveraging momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment, you can transform event interactions into meaningful business opportunities, ensuring every lead is accurately captured and effectively engaged

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