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whether it's even badge scanning, harnessing real-time analytics, or seamlessly integrating with your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo etc), momencio is the solution you need.

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By maximizing your event performance through effective lead capture, you are not only maximizing your event ROI but also maximizing the quality of leads generated, as they can be retrieved while attendees are still onsite.

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360° insights

Get a 360° view of your prospect's engagement and make informed decisions for
successful follow-ups.

real-time lead scoring and analytics

momencio delivers instant lead-scoring insights and comprehensive analytics
in real-time, aiding marketers in making timely and informed decisions.

intelligent follow-up engine

With this feature, sales teams can engage leads with personalized messaging,
nurturing relationships and driving conversions.

marketing collateral storage/ digital assets library

A robust repository for diverse formats like videos, PDFs, zip files, Word
documents, and PowerPoints grants immediate access to marketing materials during lead interactions.

personalized microsites

After events, attendees receive links to personalized microsites via email,
effectively automating the follow-up process.

business card scanner & lead capture with AI data enrichment

Capture and enrich leads effortlessly with our smart data capture technology
and AI-powered insights.

relationship management (CRM)

Manage and nurture your leads seamlessly with our integrated CRM


Deliver impactful presentations with multimedia content and track

email marketing

Automate personalized email campaigns to engage and convert prospects.

customized questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to gather specific data for lead qualification.


Boost engagement with interactive experiences and gamified interactions.

momencio boasts an array of
pivotal features:

event lead capture & lead qualification

make smarter
decisions faster

the momencio lead capture app provides a seamless solution for acquiring leads at events. With our badge & business scanner feature, you can effortlessly scan trade show badges and business cards to capture contact information in real-time.

This ensures that no lead is missed and sales leads are delivered to your team instantly.

  • scan business cards
  • scan event badge
  •  Ai data enrichment – without event APIs


Email Opens
Email Clicks
Asset Views
Website Visits

take notes

smart Notes allow you to quickly add notes
using Speech-to-Text. You can also select
custom tags to add more detail to your notes.

lead qualification

identify the leads that need attention with
your own lead qualification questions and

interactive quizzes & surveys

better understand your leads with custom
surveys. You can even display results real-
time on your booth monitors!

deliver powerful presentations. track every interaction

engage and impress your
event leads

deliver engaging and impactful presentations with momencio’s presentation feature. Our platform allows you to present digitally any digital marketing content, from videos to interactive HTML, providing a versatile and dynamic presentation experience for your leads and customers.

No more print collateral that never make it past the hotel room,
let alone the exhibit floor.

Never miss the opportunity to engage a lead with all of your
sales and marketing materials available offline!

digital library

store and access PDFs, videos, interactive
content, and more, making it easy to share
relevant materials with your leads and

present digitally

always have your latest marketing materials
at your fingertips. Engage your leads with
videos, PDFs, slides and more. Rate your
assets based on each lead's level of interest
and feedback.

share & nurture

share digital collateral, right after leads leave
your booth. Personalized landing pages will
serve these assets for as long as you want
past the event.

intelligent follow-up engine & personalized microsites

engage and convert with personalized follow-ups

80% of your acquired event leads never receive a follow-up, but with momencio, you can send personalized email follow-ups inviting leads to further experience digital collateral even before they leave your booth.

Instant lead scoring insights and comprehensive analytics in

Automated follow-up process.

Your leads no longer have to wait 1 month for their
follow-up email.

Keep the engagement going, share updates, and nurture relationships beyond the initial contact.

Accelerate follow-up time from weeks to minutes, driving revenue growth. With real-time CRM and Marketing Automation System sync, you have data when and where you need it most

event follow-up

share digital collateral, right at your booth.
Personalized landing pages will serve these
assets for as long as you want past the event.

schedule & resend emails

send follow-up emails after the event.
Maintain and deepen lead engagement with
relevant collateral.

ongoing engagement

with momencio, your lead communication
doesn't end with just one follow-up email. Our
platform empowers you to maintain seamless
communication with leads through the web
portal even after the event.

actionable real-time 3600 insights

make smarter
decisions faster

momencio delivers instant lead scoring and real-time analytics, empowering marketers and sales teams. Starting at your tradeshow booth, momencio’s advanced website tracking records interactions and continues monitoring engagement long after the event.

The result? Immediate insights that help you prioritize leads, faster follow-ups, and enhanced sales efficiency.
With advanced website tracking, you gain deeper insights into online interactions, fuelling sales efforts and optimizing ROI.

real-time analytics

access your dashboard to view real-time data
about your event. How many leads are
captured? Is there any activity on the follow-
up emails?

lead analytics & alerts

as each of your leads opens their microsites,
get alerts to time your follow-up. Be the sales
rep whose timing is right: not too soon, not too

event performance insights

follow attendees' activity and know precisely
what is happening. Compare the
effectiveness of your events and measure

event performance

momencio helps lead capture, attendance, and business metrics for all of your events so you can track the ROI of your complete event portfolio.

Some of the insights provided are:

  • Repeat Booth Visitors
  • Leads Acquired
  • Lead Notes
  • Lead Qualification
  • Click through rates
  • Digital collateral requested
  • Follow-up emails sent / opened
  • Personalized landing page visits
  • Visit Duration
  • Assets Viewed / Duration

utilize gamification for
interactive and memorable experiences

add an element of fun and engagement to your events with momencio’s gamification feature. Create interactive quizzes, surveys, and challenges to capture the attention of your attendees and encourage them to interact with your brand.

Gamification can increase attendee participation and lead capture, making your events more memorable and impactful.

the only platform that shows lead engagement

momencio prioritizes personalized engagement that goes beyond data collection. Tailored content resonates, resulting in remarkable Click-Through Rates (CTR) and open rates. Rapid follow-up strategies boost lead responsiveness, consistently delivering outstanding results and maximizing your event’s ROI.


  • Personalized engagement and tailored content.
  • Remarkable Click-Through Rates (CTR) and open rates.
  • Rapid follow-up strategies for increased lead responsiveness.
  • Consistently outstanding results for optimal ROI.
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