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At momencio, we pride ourselves on the successes of our clients. Our case studies aren’t just stories; they are testaments to transformative strategies and innovative solutions that drive real results in event marketing and lead management.



Utilizing momencio’s detailed analytics, Rajant was able to capture nuanced behaviors of booth visits, content interactions, and the frequency of engagement. These insights allowed Rajant to fine-tune their follow-up strategies…

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Ashland’s event presence, powered by momencio, exemplifies the transformative power of gamification. They leveraged the interactive capabilities of momencio to create a truly engaging and memorable booth experience.

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Affinity leverages innovation and exceptional service to simplify complex, regulated tasks and empower clients to achieve transformational success.Affinity fosters a culture of deep customer understanding, and that’s where momencio steps in.



Real-time experiences can transform your booth from a static display into a dynamic hub that actively engages visitors. Bayer’s event booth showcases how momencio can be leveraged to maximize attendees’ engagement, ultimately boosting event sales.


at momencio, we believe in creating connections that last, turning events into narratives of success.

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