Real-time experiences have the power to transform your event booth from a static display into a dynamic hub that actively engages visitors.

Bayer’s event booth exemplifies this transformation, showcasing how momencio can be leveraged to maximize attendees’ engagement, ultimately boosting event sales.

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The Challenge:

Elevate Bayer’s Event Experience

Bayer sought to elevate their event presence and achieve the following goals:

  • Increase booth engagement: Attract and retain visitors with an interactive and memorable experience.

  • Capture high-quality leads: Efficiently and seamlessly collect valuable visitor information for successful lead nurturing.

  • Drive event sales: Convert engaged leads into sales opportunities.

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The Approach:

Engagement Through Real-time Green Screen Compositing

momencio provided Bayer with a unique solution that combined immersive engagement and seamless lead capture .

Utilizing momencio’s scalable capabilities, we created an interactive experience for the visitor at bayer’s booth:

  • Green Screen: Visitors sat in front of a green screen at the booth, that transported virtually to a captivating CGI night scene featuring a campsite.

  • Personalized Video Creation: Through real-time video compositing, visitors saw themselves inserted into the scene, holding a stick by the fire.

  • Badge Scan and Email Delivery: By scanning their badges, visitors triggered the video creation process and received the personalized video directly to their email.

This engaging experience not only captured visitor attention but also provided a valuable takeaway that served as a constant reminder of their interaction with Bayer.

The Amplification:

Effortless Lead Capture and Conversion

Momencio’s core functionalities further empowered Bayer’s event strategy:

  • Cutting-Edge Badge Scanner: Bayer staff effortlessly captured visitor information through momencio’s advanced scanner.

  • Personalized Microsites: Following the interactive experience, visitors received automated emails containing personalized microsites with Bayer’s collateral most relevant to their interests, nurturing engagement and driving sales conversations.

  • Sales Team Analytics: μmomencio provided Bayer’s sales team with real-time lead data and analytics, enabling them to prioritize and effortlessly convert leads into sales opportunities.

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The Results:

A Multifaceted Success

By combining interactive engagement with automated lead capture and nurturing, Bayer achieved significant result:

  • Increased Booth Engagement:  The interactive activity provided a natural and engaging way to capture valuable lead information.

  • Qualified Lead Generation: Through real-time video compositing, visitors saw themselves inserted into the scene, holding a stick by the fire.

  • Targeted Sales Follow-Up: Personalized microsites delivered through email fostered continued engagement and allowed the sales team to focus on high-potential leads.

  • Measurable ROI: momencio’s analytics enabled Bayer to track campaign performance and measure the return on their event investment.

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