Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea:

◗◗to redefine the way businesses engage, nurture, and convert leads from events

Our drive stems from the challenges our clients face in the dynamic world of event marketing. It’s about turning every interaction into an opportunity, every event lead into a story of success.

We are motivated by the transformative impact our platform brings to businesses, big and small, across various sectors.

◗◗guiding innovation and excellence

The Advisory Board at momencio is the cornerstone of our strategic direction and innovation. Comprising industry experts and thought leaders, they bring a wealth of experience and insight, guiding us in our mission to revolutionize event marketing and sales enablement.

Their diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge enrich our decisions, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological and market trends.



Global Marketing Leader
Mandi Lapointe is a global marketing leader and Sr. Director of Global Partner and Field Marketing at Medius, an AP Automation software company based out of Sweden. She has over 16 years of experience as a sales and arketing professional in field, partner and channel. Throughout her career, she’s held positions with leading tech companies including SAP, SAP Concur, Microsoft, Adobe, and Zones. 

At momencio, we believe in creating connections that last, turning events into narratives of success.

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From healthcare to entertainment some of the world’s largest brands use momencio to generate leads and close sales.

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