AI-powered universal event lead retrieval software

◗◗experiene universal lead capture with advanced AI & OCR technology


Effortlessly capture leads from any source — be it event APIs, business cards, or just a photo — with our AI-enhanced lead retrieval system.


harness the full potential of every interaction at your events with momencio's AI-powered universal event lead retrieval app.

◗◗seamless integration, superior insight

  • AI and OCR technology for accurate data capture
  • real-time analytics to guide immediate follow-up
  • independent from event-specific APIs for cost-effective lead retrieval

scan anything, anywhere with any device

Capture leads effortlessly at a small networking event, up to your largest event with our AI-driven technology that works seamlessly across devices.

data enrichment

Our system then enriches each lead with additional data points, giving you the insights needed for personalized follow-ups.

sync with your marketing automation platform

Begin with quick and easy event badge scanning or business card capture, instantly entering leads into your sales funnel.

immediate lead nurture

Utilize our personalized follow-up and enhance lead engagement with landing pages showcasing curated collateral.

monitor event performance

Complete lead journey insights and insights to start meaningful conversations during or even post-event, that lead to conversions.

inform your sales team

Equip your salesforce with enriched data that informs strategy and execution, turning potential into profit.

Cut costs by not buying the API offered by the event registration provider to scan badges.

how universal lead capture works

  1. Scan the badge: Instantly capture attendee data with a quick scan.
  2. AI data enrichment: Enhance profiles with professional details like business emails and LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Engagement and analytics: Track interactions and measure engagement levels for strategic follow-up

maximize event ROI

  • accurate lead data: Rely on over 90% accuracy for lead data, ensuring you have the best foundation for your sales efforts.

  • real-time analytics: Gain immediate insights into lead quality and engagement, allowing for rapid, informed follow-up actions.

  • enhanced attendee profiles: With enriched data, tailor your sales and marketing approach to meet the precise needs of each prospect.

  • lower total cost of ownership: Reduce dependency on multiple tools and platforms with ULC’s all-in-one solution, saving time and money.

frequently asked questions

ULC is a state-of-the-art tool designed to revolutionize lead capture at events. It goes beyond basic information gathering by enriching lead profiles with detailed professional data, including the latest business emails and LinkedIn profiles, all in real-time.

Absolutely. ULC’s design allows it to function independently of event-specific APIs, providing flexibility and adaptability for various events, which can lead to significant cost savings and reduced dependency on external systems.

With Universal lead retrieval, marketers can craft highly targeted strategies, leading to better attendee engagement. Its precise and actionable insights contribute to a significant uptick in event ROI.

Universal Lead Capture (ULC) is versatile and effective for any event, from events and conferences to extensive trade shows. Its design ensures that you can capture and enrich leads consistently, regardless of the event scale or type.

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