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momencio's trade show lead capture app and badge scanning solution, empowers businesses across industries to maximize event opportunities and achieve measurable success.

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From basic business cards scan and badge scan to advanced data enrichment through event APIs and AI Universal Lead Capture, momencio ensures you capture, enrich, and convert prospects effectively.

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universal lead capture and AI lead enrichment

event lead capture technology

why effective tradeshow lead capture matters

Effective lead capture is pivotal for event success. Without a robust system, valuable prospects can be lost.

Lead Capture: Badge scan, business card scan & lead enrichment

Seamlessly capture leads in real-time at events. Works Offline too!

Effective Lead Qualification

Not all leads are the same! Qualify leads instantly with custom criteria tailored to your goals.

Streamlined Follow-Up

Implement timely follow-up strategies with actionable insights - right at the booth! Not days after the event.

Interactive Surveys

Collect valuable attendee feedback and insights through
interactive surveys.

Note-Taking Capabilities

Effortlessly jot down important notes and details about leads for
personalized follow-up.

Real-Time Lead Analytics

Gain instant insights into lead quality, event performance, and
attendee engagement.

Customized Questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to gather specific data for lead

On-Demand Lead Export

Easily export captured leads, including notes, surveys, and
additional data, to your CRM or database.

ROI Tracking

Track event ROI through comprehensive analytics and lead
conversion rates.

Data Privacy Assurance

Ensure data security and privacy throughout the lead capture

streamlined tradeshow lead capture

lead retrieval app
with momencio –  event lead capture software, exhibitors gain the power to scan, qualify effortlessly, and rate leads encountered at events. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry – everything is captured digitally for immediate access.


  • effortless scanning: easily scan trade show badges and business cards to capture vital contact information.
  • instant hot leads: instantly deliver hot leads to your sales team in real-time, ensuring swift follow-ups & maximize event ROI.
  • Seamless Integration: our system seamlessly integrates with over 20 leading event APIs, guaranteeing real-time data flow into your CRM and marketing automation platforms.
  • efficient lead management: bridge the gap between the event channel and your sales and marketing efforts, streamlining lead management processes.

why momencio for event lead capture

real-time lead scoring and analytics 

effortless follow-up
and insights

After capturing your trade show visitors, momencio provides various tools for efficient follow-up. You can add captured materials to a follow-up email, rate the engagement level, and track interactions. The platform offers real-time insights into lead activity, including email opens, clicks, and engagement with specific materials.

Your lead communication doesn’t end with just one follow-up email. momencio lead retrieval and lead capture app empowers you to maintain seamless communication with leads through the web portal even after the event.

adapt lead capture to your
event strategy

momencio caters to different usage modes. Whether you’re using it as an exhibitor on the show floor, a kiosk for displaying materials, or an attended facilitator, our platform adapts to your requirements. You have the flexibility to choose the mode that suits your event strategy.

  • Booth mode
  • Kiosk mode

empower your sales team
with powerful event lead capture

momencio lead capture app isn’t just a tool; it’s your key to enhancing your sales strategy. Whether you’re on the frontlines at an event, engaging with potential clients one-on-one, or showcasing your offerings through interactive presentations, our platform seamlessly fits into your sales strategy. It ensures that every lead captured is a step closer to converting into a valuable customer.

real-time lead scoring and analytics

unmatched event ROI

momencio enhances your trade show ROI by retaining and elevating lead engagement. We facilitate more meaningful connections, turning every event into a revenue-generating opportunity.

Your lead no longer has to wait 1 month for their follow-up email.
Keep the engagement going, share updates, and nurture relationships beyond the initial contact.

Elevate Your
event Strategy & lead qualification
with Momencio


bid farewell to
expensive APIs and
time drains

get momencio’s universal lead capture and AI lead enrichment

powered by AI

This means you can capture leads without relying on event-specific APIs, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment allows you to scan anything containing first names, last names, and company information like business cards and event badges, then uses data enrichment to complete the lead’s profile with more information like business email and linkedin profile.

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