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from capturing leads seamlessly to interactive booth experiences, our platform empowers you to make the most of your events.

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at momencio, we understand the importance of efficient event engagement. Our solution helps you streamline every aspect, making it easier than ever to connect with attendees and exhibitors.

efficient event lead capture

say goodbye to manual data entry. capture leads effortlessly by scanning badges or business cards.

universal lead capture

introducing our revolutionary universal lead capture feature. snap a picture of a badge, and we’ll enrich the data for you.

lead scoring

not all leads are equal. identify and prioritize hot leads with our intuitive lead scoring system.

why momencio for events

lead qualification

Effectively capturing leads is only the first step. momencio understands that not all leads are equal, and that’s why we offer powerful lead qualification and follow-up features to help you prioritize and nurture your leads for conversion.

customized lead qualification questions

Every business has its unique criteria for what constitutes a high-potential lead. With Momencio, you can tailor lead qualification questions to align with your specific goals and sales strategies. This customization ensures that your team focuses on leads that are most likely to convert into valuable customers.

  • create tailored qualification criteria: define what characteristics or actions make a lead highly qualified. is it their engagement level at the event? the specific products they’ve shown interest in? customize your criteria for lead scoring.

  • efficiently sort and prioritize leads: momencio’s intelligent lead scoring system categorizes leads based on your defined criteria. this means your sales team can quickly identify and prioritize hot leads that are ready for immediate follow-up.

Streamlined Follow-Up Process

With Momencio, the transition from event engagement to post-event follow-up is seamless. We provide tools and automation that simplify the follow-up process, ensuring no valuable leads slip through the cracks.

  • Automated lead distribution: momencio can automatically distribute leads to the appropriate sales or marketing teams based on your predefined rules. This ensures every lead is promptly assigned to the right personnel for personalized follow-up.
  • Email campaign integration: Our platform allows you to initiate email campaigns as part of your follow-up strategy. Send targeted messages and relevant content to leads to keep them engaged and informed about your products or services.
  • On-Demand presentations: Move away from traditional printed collateral. momencio enables you to share digital presentations with leads on-demand. These presentations are accessible online, making it convenient for leads to revisit and engage with your content even after the event.
  • Lead engagement tracking: Gain deep insights into how leads are engaging with your follow-up materials. Understand which assets resonate the most with leads and tailor your follow-up strategy accordingly.
  • Real-time notifications: Receive real-time notifications when leads interact with your follow-up materials. This allows your sales team to reach out at the most opportune moments when leads are actively engaging.
  • Lead conversion insights: Measure the success of your follow-up efforts by tracking lead conversion rates. Understand which follow-up strategies are most effective in converting leads into customers.

event ROI and Analytics

When it comes to event engagement and management, measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) is paramount. momencio provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to help you assess the impact of your events. With detailed insights, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your future events.

  • Track event performance: momencio’s robust analytics allow you to track various event metrics, including attendance, booth traffic, lead generation, and more. Understand which sessions or booths attracted the most attention, helping you tailor your strategies.
  • Lead conversion insights: Gain valuable insights into lead conversion rates. Identify which leads from the event progressed to become customers. This data is invaluable for assessing the quality of leads generated at events.
  • Gamification analytics: If you’ve incorporated gamification elements into your event, we provide analytics to gauge participant engagement with these interactive activities. See what challenges were most popular and what prizes drove engagement.  


Elevate your events while reducing environmental impact with momencio. Our eco-friendly tools help you streamline event management and track sustainability efforts, all in real time.

  • sustainability simplified: Discover how momencio’s event planning tools prioritize sustainability while offering streamlined management features and real-time insights, making eco-friendly event planning effortless.

  • setting green goals: Learn how to set and communicate sustainability goals for your event, focusing on waste reduction, energy conservation, and more, to champion green initiatives effectively.

  • digital solutions for sustainability: Explore the benefits of going paperless with momencio’s digital communication tools, reducing resource consumption while enhancing attendee engagement and personalization.

gamification for
enhanced event

engage your event attendees in a whole new way with gamification. momencio offers gamification features that turn your event into an exciting experience. Encourage attendees to interact with your booth or sessions by offering rewards and recognition.

challenge-based interactions

Create fun challenges or quizzes related to your products or services. Attendees can participate and earn rewards or discounts for completing challenges.

leaderboards and prizes

Display live leaderboards to showcase the top participants. Offer prizes to incentivize engagement, whether it's discounts on your products, exclusive content access, or branded merchandise.

enhanced attendee networking

Gamification encourages attendees to connect with each other. Foster a sense of community by facilitating interactions among participants.

With Momencio's event engagement and management solutions, you have a complete suite of tools at your disposal to create memorable, data-driven events that leave a lasting impression on your attendees and provide actionable insights for your team.

unlock event & sales enablement opportunities


momencio's powerful platform doesn't stop at lead capture and follow-up.

by leveraging momencio’s lead qualification and follow-up features, you can ensure that your post-event interactions with leads are timely, personalized, and tailored to their specific needs. this significantly enhances your chances of turning event attendees into satisfied, long-term customers.

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