This case study unveils how Rajant Corporation leveraged Momencio to escalate their event lead engagement, streamline their marketing strategies, and amplify their sales results. Dive into a story of transformation and triumph that sets a new benchmark for event marketing excellence.

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Revolutionizing event
marketing with

Client: Rajant Corporation
Industry: Telecommunications
Challenge: Enhancing lead capture and engagement in a competitive event marketing landscape.
Solution: Implementation of momencio’s lead capture and engagement platform.


  • Immediate post-event engagement with prospects.
  • Real-time monitoring of content consumption.
  • Digital collateral transition, resulting in a 63% open rate and nearly 25% click-through rate post-show.
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A leap in lead engagement

The challenge and solution

Rajant Corporation, a global player in the telecommunications industry, faced the challenge of effectively capturing and engaging leads at crowded events. Enter momencio: the innovative platform that revolutionized their approach by enabling immediate engagement with prospects and real-time monitoring of content consumption.

Strategic implementation and results

With momencio, Rajant reported an unprecedented increase in post-show metrics: open rates catapulted to over 63%, and click-through rates hit nearly 25%, a substantial leap from the industry standard of 13-15%.

This was attributed to momencio’s capabilities in providing real-time analytics, which reshaped Rajant’s event strategies into a repeatable winning pattern.

Reshaping event strategies
with actionable insights

Detailed overview of usage

Gizzy O’Toole, the Event Marketing Director at Rajant, leveraged momencio’s platform to tailor digital collateral to specific industry verticals, a move that resulted in remarkable progress in new market segments. momencio allowed for customized, automated follow-ups, providing sales presentations that resonated with each prospect’s unique needs.

Impactful outcomes

The platform’s insights offered a crystal-clear picture of highly engaged prospects, propelling sales efforts at an accelerated pace. A notable instance in Singapore involved engaging five senior members from a global brand, leading to in-depth conversations that swiftly transitioned into real sales opportunities.

Real-time analytics for
immediate impact

Continuous improvement and future plans

Utilizing momencio’s detailed analytics, Rajant was able to capture nuanced behaviors of booth visits, content interactions, and the frequency of engagement. These insights allowed Rajant to fine-tune their follow-up strategies, ensuring they were prepared to answer deeper questions and push leads further down the sales funnel.


Lasting transformation 

The implementation of momencio was a game-changer for Rajant, described by Gizzy as “disruptive” in the most positive sense. 

Their case demonstrates how immediate follow-up and targeted content delivery can drastically enhance the event marketing strategy, leading to a significant improvement in ROI and customer relationships.

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