Interactive experiences serve as a game-changer, transforming your booth from a static display into a dynamic hub that actively engages visitors.

Ashland’s event presence, powered by momencio, exemplifies the transformative power of gamification. They leveraged the interactive capabilities of momencio to create a truly engaging and memorable booth experience.

Ashland - ACS 22 -momencio

The Challenge:

Ashland entrusted momencio once more to elevate their ACS event presence significantly.

Their goals were ambitious:

  • Attract a larger number of visitors to their booth.
  • Capture more qualified leads.
  • Stand out from hundreds of competing booths participating in the event.
ACS Ashaland momencio event gamification - game at event
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The Power of Gamification

The Approach

Leveraging our event experience, we designed a custom touchscreen game to align with Ashland’s goals of increased engagement and lead capture.

After getting their badge scanned, visitors were introduced to a large touchscreen table at the center of the booth to start playing the game. The objective was to choose the right Ashland’s products to effectively paint a virtual wall on the touchscreen as fast as possible. Choosing the right combination increased touch sensitivity, allowing for a quicker and more successful painting.

Simultaneously, the game action streamed live on a large LED screen, captivating nearby attendees and drawing them to the booth.

Finally, a real-time leaderboard displayed on the LED screen fueled friendly competition, maximizing visitor engagement.

Seamless Lead Capture &

The Amplification

Our core functionalities further amplified the effectiveness of Ashland’s event presence.

  • Badge Scanning: Ashland staff effortlessly captured visitor information by scanning their badges.


  • Targeted Content Presentation: Following a brief introduction, visitors could participate in the interactive game.


  • Automated Follow-up: momencio automatically sent relevant digital collateral to captured leads after the event, nurturing engagement.
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A Resounding Success

The Results

The combined effect of engaging gamification and seamless lead capture proved to be highly effective:

  • Increased Booth Traffic: The engaging nature of the booth attracted a significant number of visitors compared to traditional methods.


  • Enhanced Lead Generation: The interactive game provided a natural and engaging way to capture valuable lead information.
    Strong Brand Recall: The memorable experience created a lasting impression on visitors, fostering stronger brand recognition.


  • Skyrocketed Engagement: The enthusiastic participation around the touchscreen table, combined with the large screen showcasing the gameplay, transformed Ashland’s booth into a major attraction at the event.

Discover the Power of
Interactive Engagement

Watch our video to see momencio in action. Witness the transformation of event leads into sales growth and understand why momencio is the ultimate tool for maximizing your event ROI.

Customized Gamification for Your Event: Enhance Engagement and Lead Capture

If you’re looking to elevate your event with gamification or desire a more tailored experience to boost attendee engagement and lead capture, momencio is here to help.

Whether it’s a simple game to draw attendees in or a fully customized solution to resonate with your brand and event theme, our team is ready to collaborate.

Let’s discuss your vision and create the best option for your event. With momencio, engaging your audience and capturing valuable leads has never been easier or more effective. 

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