Events are one of marketing's biggest expenses.

As a savvy sales or marketing professional, you want to make sure that the events you're sponsoring are driving real results & sending you quality leads. Instead of focusing on what you do best, you're often busy worrying about lead retrieval & follow-up.
Missed opportunities & Lost Leads

80% of your acquired event leads never receive a follow-up, resulting in lost opportunities for sales and marketing.

Warm Leads Are Lumped In With Cold Leads

Inability to track prospect engagement after tradeshows and events (all leads are treated the same).

Unknown Event ROI

Lack of quantitative data to prove tradeshow ROI means that your team isn't able to easily see what's working & what's not.

Wasted Time & Resources

Excessive print and drayage costs for sales collateral that never go beyond your lead's hotel room.

Lack of Budget Support

You're often defending your department's events budget & would love to show your boss clear results & accurate reports.

Badge or Business Card Scanning

You can either scan a badge or a business card to capture leads. For those that have a pre-existing customer list, you can pick your lead via contact search.

Lead Qualification

Find the leads that need attention. Customize your lead qualification questions and give your sales team the best chance for closing a deal.

Smart Notes

Add notes with our Smart Notes feature and Speech-to-Text built-in technology. Create enriched lead profiles for actionable follow-up from your sales team.

Export Leads

Access and export your event leads at any time you want. Customize the export spreadsheet based on all available data from event questionnaires.

Digital Collateral Presentation

Present videos, PDFs, HTML5 Bundles and presentations digitally. Share what your prospects prefer and keep track of their interest and activity.

Interactive Quizzes & Surveys

Engage attendees with custom Q&A exercises so you can establish the best foundation for your follow-up. You can even display results real-time on your booth monitors!

Customized App

You can customize momencio app using your brand elements. If you need more than that, our team can craft the perfect user experience for your next event.

Bring Your Own App

Combine the advantage of momencio's features and insights with your own branded app for your next event.

Instant Follow-up

You no longer have to remember which prospect to email with which message, momencio automatically emails tradeshow attendees after your presentation ends.

Share Assets through Microsites

When the digital presentation ends, select the digital collateral your attendee was interested in and send an email with a link to a personalized microsite.

Personalized Emails

Write and send emails right after the event while your prospect is still hot. Sending the right message at the right time can boost engagement.

Schedule & Resend Emails

You can easily schedule your follow-up email for delivering to prospects at the right time. Also, you can resend the same email for enhanced engagement.

Real-Time Analytics

Access your dashboard to view real-time data about your event. How many leads are captured? Was there any activity on the follow-up emails?

Lead Analytics & Alerts

As each of your leads opens their microsites, get alerts to time your follow-up. Be the sales rep whose timing is right: not too soon, not too late.

Events Performance Insights

Follow attendees' activity and know precisely what happened during each event. Compare the effectiveness of your events and measure ROI.

IoT Analytics

The event world is a complex ecosystem of various digital sensors and interactive experiences. Stay on top of the IoT movement with momencio's features.

Registration Database Integration

Instantly transfer guest lists that any event registration company provides into momencio.

Web Properties & MA Integration

Integrate momencio with your website forms and follow leads journey. Sync your leads with your Marketing Automation platform and send campaigns.

CRM Integration

momencio integrates with major CRM platforms.Ttransfer instantly all the valuable customer information to the infrastructure of your choice.

IOT Integration

Unify beacons, smart floors and computer vision under one platform that focuses on enhancing and monitoring engagement during events.

Have an idea?

We take our users' opinions seriously. So if you have a suggestion for how we can improve momencio, submit your idea for the Product Team to review! We look forward to hearing from you.


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