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◗◗Embracing sustainability at events

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Embracing sustainability at events is a win-win for everyone. Our planet is at its tipping point, and living more consciously is extremely important. 

Paper accounts for approximately 26% of the total waste at landfills. Excess paper production, such as the creation of collateral used at marketing events, not only uses huge amounts of energy and water but also contributes to deforestation.

If you work within the events or sales space, however, there’s no doubt you need to produce lots of marketing collateral each year for your business – especially when attending in-person or digital events. So, how can you contribute towards a more sustainable future while also successfully marketing your business?

The answer lies in apps with digital collateral features, which allow you to go green and gain engagement insights you won’t find with a printed hand-out. Here’s three more reasons why you should embrace sustainability by going digital with your event collaterals.

1. No more logistical nightmares around print

Printed marketing materials carry a number of potential risks for your company. Without round-the-clock print collateral management, you could fall prey to outdated assets, regulatory compliance issues and branding inconsistencies, increased printing costs, or even a lack of collateral when you need it most. Furthermore, when your printed promotional materials arrive too late for use, it can drastically reduce your sales and revenue.

Almost all of these problems can be solved when you choose to take your marketing collateral with you digitally. Our event and sales enablement app, gives you the unprecedented ability to have any of your marketing collateral at your fingertips, readily available for your next conversation with a lead.

2. Sustainability at events and unnecessary print and drayage costs

Although the cost of a single brochure, flyer, or other printed materials is fairly low, a large print run for an event could cost up to thousands of dollars. Then there are additional costs such as drayage, which involves the shipping of your printed goods a short distance via ground freight.

There’s no denying it: printed marketing collateral is expensive, yet these costs are often unnecessary. This is because print collateral often never makes it past the hotel room, let alone the exhibit floor. Swapping printouts for digital in-booth experiences and on-demand presentations is not only a cost saver but also a paper saver for sustainability purposes.

momencio also has a lead scanning feature, which allows you to simply scan a badge or business card to capture the important information of your new lead digitally. After all, who needs to leave an event with hundreds of cardboard business cards? Especially when they’re only destined for the trash once their information has been recorded.

3. No more killing trees for no reason

From 2001 to 2019, we’ve lost a total of 386 million hectares of forest around the world. This loss represents an almost 10% decrease in tree cover since the year 2000. Unfortunately, it will take just 78 years before rainforests no longer exist on Earth.

Most paper collateral that is handed out at events ends up in the same place – the trash. However, it’s probably not because it didn’t contain valuable information. Printed event collateral just isn’t convenient, especially for those who travel. It’s time to end the unnecessary paper usage, and therefore, the needless destruction of almost 500,000 hectares of forest each week for paper production.

Embracing Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Future

In the quest for sustainability at events, embracing digital solutions is not just an environmentally conscious choice but a strategic business move. Digital platforms like momencio offer a comprehensive suite of features that go beyond just reducing paper waste. They enhance attendee engagement, provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, and streamline the lead capture process. By integrating these digital tools into your event strategy, you can contribute to a greener future while also achieving better marketing outcomes. Remember, each step towards sustainability is a step towards preserving our planet, and the switch to digital collateral is a significant stride in that direction. Schedule a demo with momencio today and discover how you can make your next event not just successful, but also sustainable.

Stop collecting numbers on business cards and start capturing actionable data at your events. You can make the switch to digital collateral

If you’re looking for a more sustainable approach for your tradeshow, why not try 26%.

Schedule a demo today to find out how our event lead capture app can assist your business in succeeding.


  1. What is Sustainability at Events and Why is It Important?
    1. Sustainability at events refers to practices that minimize environmental impact, such as reducing waste and conserving resources. It’s important because events, especially large ones, can have significant ecological footprints. By embracing sustainability, event organizers and participants can help protect the planet and promote responsible consumption.
  2. How Can Digital Collateral Reduce the Environmental Impact of Events?
    1. Digital collateral, such as electronic brochures or virtual presentations, replaces the need for printed materials. This shift not only reduces paper waste and deforestation but also cuts down on energy and water used in paper production. Additionally, it eliminates the carbon emissions associated with transporting printed materials.
  3. What Are the Cost Benefits of Using Digital Collateral at Events?
    1. Besides being environmentally friendly, digital collateral can be cost-effective. Traditional print runs and associated drayage costs can be expensive. By going digital, companies save on printing and shipping costs and also avoid the risk of printed materials becoming outdated or arriving late.
  4. How Does the Use of Digital Collateral Enhance Attendee Engagement?
    1. Digital collateral offers interactive and immersive experiences for attendees. It provides engagement insights, like how often a document is viewed or shared, which isn’t possible with printed hand-outs. This data can be invaluable for tailoring follow-up strategies and improving future marketing efforts.
  5. What is the Significance of Lead Scanning Features in Sustainability Efforts?
    1. Lead scanning features in event apps allow for the digital capture of attendee information, eliminating the need for paper-based business cards or forms. This not only contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste but also streamlines the data collection process, making it more efficient and accurate.



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