Universal Lead Retrieval

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Universal Lead Retrieval



Are you experiencing enough success with events? Are you seeing a good return on your investment in exhibiting at events? We share with you 3 reasons you should upgrade to Universal Lead Retrieval.

Trade show exhibiting is not an east task. It takes time and resources to set up, and it can cost thousands of dollars. So if you have a booth at an event, it’s a great perk if the event includes a lead capture tool as part of your package. These tools, usually a scan gun or smartphone app that can read attendee name tags and automatically compile a spreadsheet of their information and can be quite helpful. But is there a better way?

Universal lead retrieval systems take this automatic information collection concept to the next level. How? Not only by creating a contact list, but also by creating a platform in order to connect with them and increase your odds of turning a visitor into an SQL.

Here are three benefits to think about while deciding whether to purchase a universal lead retrieval system.


More lead details

Exhibitors traditionally have relied on simple lead retrieval apps to gather business card information from attendees at their events.

Universal lead retrieval apps are connecting attendees to sales reps after the trade show to conduct real-time discussions about the leads. Therefore, this new lead is more likely to give you more critical information about their current needs, pain points, budget, or timeline.

If you don’t have such a system, you’re forced to either find data in your notes, or create a spreadsheet on the fly. However, a more advanced system will allow you to add fields of importance and populate them at the moment. In that way, you know that event marketing follow-up at all times.


Digital collateral management

With lead capture, you need to event marketing data or a mail system and then you have to assign them to workflows or campaigns in order to share information and any collateral. With universal lead retrieval systems, you already have all the PDFs, videos, and presentations as part of the platform, so you can just access them as-needed.

After a successful lead capture, you can automatically begin communications on the spot. You can even personalize the messages and the information shared, based on your discussion.


Event performance tracking

Did a new booth graphic make a significant impact? Did one sales team engage more than another?

Lead retrieval systems allow you to see the leads collected:

  • during one stand-alone conference
  • from all events you’ve attended over time.

Sort by team, materials used, products marketing, etc., and track performance or compare the effectiveness of strategies.

Having your own universal lead retrieval platform is like having a team with one mind as they don’t need to master a new scanner or app each time you hold an event.



In conclusion, universal lead capture apps make up for the investment as they provide critical information and minimize the time spent. In fact, it’s easy to outdated event marketing practices will actually pay for itself.

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