momencio: The Ultimate Event Enablement Platform for Capturing, Engaging, and Following-up with Event Leads


momencio event lead capture

As an exhibitor, one of the most important goals you have when attending an event is to generate leads. But with so many people visiting your booth and limited time to engage with each one, it can be challenging to capture and follow up with all of them. This is where Momencio comes in – an all-in-one event enablement platform that helps exhibitors capture, engage, and follow up with event leads efficiently and effectively.

momencio is the most complete event enablement platform in the market, offering a wide range of features to streamline lead capture and management. Some of the key features of momencio include lead capture, lead retrieval, badge scanning, email follow-up, digital collateral sharing, and real-time lead engagement insights. Let’s take a closer look at these features and how they can help exhibitors maximize their event ROI.


Lead Capture

One of the biggest challenges exhibitors face is capturing leads effectively. momencio makes it easy to capture leads by providing a user-friendly mobile app that allows exhibitors to scan attendees’ badges or business cards. The app also allows exhibitors to collect attendees’ contact information, job titles, company names, and other relevant data, ensuring they have all the information they need to follow up with leads after the event.


Lead Retrieval

With momencio, exhibitors can access all their event leads in one place, making it easy to manage and prioritize their follow-up efforts. The platform also provides exhibitors with real-time insights into how their leads are engaging with their content, allowing them to tailor their follow-up strategies based on their leads’ interests and preferences.


Badge Scanning

momencio’s badge scanning feature eliminates the need for exhibitors to manually enter attendees’ contact information into a spreadsheet or CRM system. Instead, exhibitors can simply scan attendees’ badges or business cards, and the information will be automatically added to their momencio account.


Email Follow-up

momencio’s email follow-up feature allows exhibitors to send personalized follow-up emails to their leads directly from the platform. The platform also provides exhibitors with email templates, making it easy to create professional-looking emails quickly and efficiently.


Digital Collateral Sharing

momencio’s digital collateral sharing feature allows exhibitors to share their marketing materials with attendees easily. Exhibitors can upload their brochures, product catalogs, and other digital assets to the platform, and attendees can access them directly from the mobile app.


Real-time Lead Engagement Insights

Finally, momencio’s real-time lead engagement insights provide exhibitors with valuable insights into how their leads are engaging with their content. Exhibitors can see which attendees have viewed their digital collateral, which leads are most engaged, and which leads require further follow-up.



In conclusion, momencio is the ultimate event enablement platform for exhibitors looking to capture, engage, and follow up with event leads. Its range of features makes it easy for exhibitors to streamline their lead capture and management efforts, resulting in increased event ROI and a more efficient and effective follow-up process. So why wait? Try momencio today and take your event marketing to the next level.



momencio is by far the best event lead capture and sales enablement tool we have ever used. The platform is flexible and easy to use, while at the same time allowing us to do things that we have not been able to do in the past. We have been using momencio since late last year and we have already been able to see how our events are performing and the ROI that it has generated. momencio also integrated seamlessly with our Salesforce CRM and HubSpot.