3 Reasons to Upgrade to Universal Lead Retrieval


Trade show exhibiting is no easy, or inexpensive, task. So when an event you have a booth at includes a lead capture tool as part of your package, it’s a great perk.

More and more popular each year, these tools (usually a scan gun or smartphone app that can read attendee name tags and automatically compile a spreadsheet of your new contacts and their information) are helpful. But is there a better way?

Universal lead retrieval systems take this automatic information collection concept to the next level, not only creating a contact list, but a platform from which you can connect with that list and increase your odds of turning a booth visitor into an SQL and then, ideally, a new customer.

Consider these three main benefits universal lead retrieval systems have over their more traditional lead capture devices.

More lead details

Traditional lead retrieval apps give you just what the trade show managers have decided you can have — perhaps a name, company, and email address. But your discussion with this new lead is bound to deliver more critical information, like the leads’ current needs, pain points, budget, or timeline.

If you don’t have a universal lead retrieval system you cannot add this data into the contact file — you have to create a standalone spreadsheet on the fly or maybe even scribble down facts on a notepad.

However, with a more advanced system, you can add the fields of importance to you, populate them at the moment, and know you have all the information of value at all times.

Digital collateral management

With lead capture, you need to import your new contacts into a CRM or mail system and then assign them to workflows or campaigns to share your company information and any collateral. With universal lead retrieval systems, all of your PDFs, videos, and presentations are a part of the platform already.

As you meet people and add them to the system, you can automatically begin communications on the spot, even personalizing the messages and the information shared based on your discussion.

Event performance tracking

Did a new booth graphic make a significant impact? Did one sales team engage more than another? With universal lead retrieval systems, you not only see the leads collected during one stand-alone conference but from all those you have attended over time.

Sort by your team, materials used, products marketing, etc., to track performance or compare the effectiveness of strategies.

In addition to a more comprehensive lead collection, tracking, and engagement, having your own universal lead retrieval platform makes things easier on your team, as they don’t need to master a new scanner or app with each event.

All this time and ease coupled with the significant improvement in information more than make up for the initial cost associated with them; in fact, it’s easy to argue the investment will actually pay for itself as your events become more successful for lead generation and you see a greater return on your exhibiting investment.

Go beyond the booth!

Let us show you how momencio redefines lead retrieval and delivers an event enablement platform that is geared towards helping you activate your leads and generate sales.

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