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Oct 2022


◗◗4 tips to attract visitors to your trade show booth

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How do you attract visitors to your trade show booth? Is there a reliable answer to this question? Trade shows provide a valuable opportunity to make serious face-to-face contact. And as we all know, consumer perception of a brand is greatly influenced by how it is presented in person. To attract visitors, you really need to invest in the image of your booth. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Yes, the first impression needs to be exceptional, but the entire experience up to the point of leaving the booth should be exceptional as well.

So, are you ready for some useful tips? If you take them to heart, your booth at the next trade show will definitely be an experience worth having for you and your visitors.

1. Create an “unmissable” stand 

Before the event, look at your competitors’ booths to see how they are decorated. It’s important to get an idea of how they will be using the event infrastructure. You can also place a graphic on the floor or set up an interactive event touchscreen in the entryway. Not only can large displays attract visitors – but modern technological innovations are even more impressive for most of them.

2. Make an interactive trade show booth

The interactive touchscreen was just the beginning. Nothing is more interesting to visitors than a booth that offers them something new. Create the ideal environment for them to explore, learn and have fun. The opportunities you create to keep visitors interested in your brand are vast. Incorporate games and quizzes into your strategy and make them work for you.

3. Keep your trade show booth  simple

The design of trade show booths is usually overdone. Visitors are irritated by too much information in their field of vision. A simple but aesthetic design is much more effective than a loud one. Promote your brand in the quietest but most accurate way: use an LED video wall or LED tiles and create a tech-friendly but appealing profile. Remember: less is more.

4. Use event lead capture technology

Trade shows are an important lead source. Lead capture should not be missing from your strategy. That’s why you need event badge scanners. You can easily add the attendee’s contact information to your database when you scan their badge. When it comes to lead tracking, make sure you use an application that offers maximum lead tracking. momencio offers a complete ecosystem of sensors that allow you to automatically log your prospects’ engagement with your brand – from their first presentation at the show to their post-show digital activity, across all your websites. That’s why more and more leading brands are choosing this system at major trade shows around the world. The 360-degree view of leads with real-time insights helps you capture your leads and prepare your next steps after the event. With its modern technological features, such as the interactive table, the video wall LED, and the touch screen stand, it is ideal for a high-quality presentation of your booth… it simply has everything!

Remember: attracting trade show booth visitors is only the first step. Turning them into customers remains the ultimate goal! Book a demo with momencio

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