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◗◗Top 10 must-visit USA trade shows in 2024

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Must-Visit USA trade shows

Top 10 must-visit USA trade shows in 2024

As the world propels into 2024, trade shows in the United States are poised to be more dynamic and pivotal than ever. With the landscape of every industry evolving rapidly, these congregations are not just about showcasing products; they are crucibles of innovation, networking, and trendsetting. For professionals across various sectors—from cutting-edge technology to the cornerstone construction industry—trade shows offer unparalleled opportunities to accelerate business growth, forge vital connections, and stay abreast of the latest developments.

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor aiming to expand your brand’s horizon or a newcomer, selecting the right trade show can set the stage for your success. In this article, we unveil the top 10 trade shows in the USA for 2024, each a beacon of opportunity in its own right. These events are not just about participation; they are about making an indelible mark in your field. Let’s explore these gatherings that are much more than mere exhibitions—they are the springboards for tomorrow’s industry leaders.



1. CES Las Vegas, USA 2024

  • Date: January 09 to 12, 2024
  • Venue: Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada, and Digital
  • Website: CES Official Site


About the trade show: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the tech industry. As we usher in 2024, CES promises to be an exhibition like no other, offering a glimpse into the technological marvels that will shape our future. From groundbreaking AI applications and augmented and virtual reality advancements to the latest in 5G connectivity, sports technology, robotics, and smart city innovations, CES 2024 is the ultimate showcase for the tech-savvy and the curious alike. It’s not just an event; it’s a look into the future, with participation expected from over 160 countries. Attendees can anticipate presentations from global tech giants, promising startups, and leading thinkers in the industry.

CES Las Vegas is more than just a trade show; it’s a global festival of technology that brings together the brightest minds and the latest innovations. This is where the world’s foremost technology companies, from industry leaders to ambitious startups, come to shine. With participation from companies like NVIDIA, TikTok, and HTC, CES 2024 is set to be an event that redefines the technological landscape and offers unparalleled networking opportunities for professionals from around the globe.


2. World of Concrete Las Vegas, USA 2024


About the trade show: The World of Concrete Las Vegas is the premier event for concrete and masonry professionals worldwide. Set for January 23-25, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, this trade show offers an in-depth look at the latest in the industry, from cutting-edge machinery to the most durable materials. Attendees can benefit from various educational sessions, including certification seminars and hands-on workshops. With more than 60,000 industry professionals expected to attend, the World of Concrete 2024 is where theory meets practice, innovation meets application, and opportunities meet professionals ready to build the future.

The expo invites a diverse group of exhibitors, including construction managers, dealers, designers, and architects, to showcase comprehensive product displays and share their expertise. By attending, you gain the chance to network with industry leaders, enhance your skills with professional training, and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry’s latest trends and regulations. It’s not just an event; it’s an essential hub for anyone serious about mastering the concrete and masonry industry.


3. National Hardware Show Las Vegas, USA 2024


bout the trade show: The National Hardware Show (NHS) Las Vegas stands as a cornerstone event for the hardware industry, showcasing a comprehensive array of products and services from over 2800 exhibitors. Set to take place from March 26-28, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, NHS is the largest gathering of hardware professionals in the United States. This event is the prime destination for buyers and sellers to network, exchange ideas, and experience the latest innovations in tools, products, and services.

NHS Las Vegas is more than a trade show; it’s a hub of commerce and creativity for the industry. With a focus on cost-effective deals and merchandising solutions, it is an indispensable platform for anyone looking to stay ahead in the hardware market. Attendees can look forward to discovering new products, learning about emerging trends, and making connections that will benefit their businesses long after the event concludes.


4. Texworld New York City 2024


About the trade show: Texworld NYC is the most extensive fabric and textile trade show in North America. This event is a pivotal platform for fashion innovators, from established companies to fresh startups, to showcase their products to a global audience. As the fashion industry’s key player in sourcing high-quality fabrics, trims, and accessories, Texworld NYC is where international suppliers meet American buyers, driving new trends and business across continents. The January 2024 edition will continue to offer a vast array of products and a chance for attendees to network with suppliers and industry leaders, ensuring a full grasp of the market’s pulse.

5. Magic Las Vegas 2024 Expo


About the trade show: North America’s premier apparel trade event, MAGIC Las Vegas, continues to be an essential nexus for fashion trends, networking, and business growth. The February 2024 expo will be showcasing the latest trends in the young generation’s apparel sector, providing a comprehensive platform for CEOs, EVPs, influential buyers, and fashion leaders to connect. MAGIC Las Vegas is the place to witness the newest fashion entrants and designs from over 50 states, making it an unmissable event for those in the fashion industry.


6. ASD Market Week Las Vegas 2024


About the trade show: ASD Market Week is the most comprehensive trade show for consumer goods in the U.S. ASD is the cost-effective shopping destination for small to large retailers. The March 2024 event will host a myriad of exhibitors showcasing an assortment of products, providing an all-encompassing shopping experience for retail buyers, department stores, and specialty stores.

7. Highpoint Market Spring 2024


About the trade show: Highpoint Market Spring ushers in the largest trade show for the home furnishings industry. It’s an exclusive event held in North Carolina from April 13 to 17, 2024, offering a comprehensive view of the latest designs and trends in home decor. Over 75,000 visitors are anticipated to explore the innovative showrooms, with countless educational sessions, networking opportunities, and in-depth conferences lined up. It’s a melting pot of inspiration and industry movements, making it a critical destination for designers, retailers, and manufacturers aiming to leave a mark in the furnishing world.

8. JCK Las Vegas 2024


About the trade show: JCK Las Vegas is the glittering heart of the global jewelry industry, a place where fashion, education, and networking come together. This premier event, running from May 31 to June 03, 2024, is expected to bring over 30,000 professionals to marvel at the vast collections of gems, jewelry, timepieces, and services. Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge, write orders, or network, JCK is the perfect setting for anyone in the jewelry market to discover the next big thing.

9. Premiere Orlando 2024 – International Beauty Event


About the trade show: Premiere Orlando is an expansive stage for the beauty industry’s professionals, showcasing a comprehensive range of products and techniques. From June 01 to 3, 2024, beauty mavens will gather to connect with distributors and discover new trends in hair, nails, and skincare. It’s an event that fuels both business growth and professional development, offering a treasure trove of resources for attendees passionate about beauty and wellness.

10. InfoComm Las Vegas 2024


About the trade show: InfoComm is the epicenter for audio-visual excellence, drawing a crowd of over 40,000 attendees, including 500 exhibitors showcasing the industry’s most innovative audio-visual technologies. This event, from June 12 to 14, 2024, is a hub for AV professionals to experience hands-on demos and listen to insights from leading brands. It’s a must-visit for those seeking to push the boundaries of audio-visual applications in various sectors.


Maximizing opportunities at trade shows: The critical tools for success

As an industry professional, whether you’re a veteran Event Marketing Director or a dynamic Field Marketer, you know the critical importance of each interaction at trade shows. These events are not just opportunities for brand visibility and product demonstrations; they are your chance to create and nurture relationships that can lead to significant business growth. The challenge, however, lies in capturing the wealth of potential nestled within the bustling aisles of a trade show. Every lead, every conversation, every exchange of business cards represents a door to a new opportunity, a new client, or a new market.

Yet, how do you ensure that all of these potential leads stay intact? How do you maintain the momentum post-event to turn these leads into valuable business relationships? This is where the right tools come into play – tools that not only assist in capturing leads but enrich and nurture them, ensuring that no opportunity is lost.

Embrace momencio: The indispensable tool for trade show success

Imagine stepping into a bustling trade show, armed not just with brochures and business cards but with momencio — your ultimate event marketing weapon. This isn’t just another digital tool; it’s the bedrock of your event strategy, a platform that promises not just to capture leads but to amplify your engagement with each potential customer.

With momencio, you’re not collecting leads; you’re beginning relationships. By automating lead capture and enrichment, momencio ensures that you connect with quality prospects, not just contacts. Its intelligent follow-up system means you can tailor your engagement, ensuring that every lead feels valued and understood, dramatically increasing your chances of conversion.

Moreover, momencio integrates with over 20 leading event APIs, providing seamless experiences across all your events and saving you not only time but also budget. Its real-time insights and analytics empower you to make informed decisions, responding quickly to leads that show the most promise. And with its suite of digital assets, email marketing tools, and personalized microsites, momencio is designed to keep you at the forefront of your lead’s mind, nurturing that initial trade show interest in a fruitful business opportunity.

In today’s event marketing landscape, momencio is not just a tool; it’s your partner in success. It streamlines your processes, elevates your strategy, and ensures that when you shake hands with a prospect, you’re starting a journey together, not just making a transaction.

Book a demo, and we can show you how to maximize your event ROI



1. Why are USA trade shows important for marketing professionals?

USA trade shows are pivotal for marketing professionals as they offer unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning about industry trends, and showcasing new products or services. Events like these serve as a melting pot for innovation, allowing professionals to connect with peers, potential clients, and industry leaders, thereby enhancing their brand’s visibility and market reach.

2. How can momencio enhance my trade show experience?

momencio is designed to revolutionize your trade show experience by streamlining lead capture, enriching leads with valuable data, and automating follow-ups. This means more meaningful engagements at every touchpoint and the ability to measure the ROI of your event participation accurately. With momencio, you can ensure that every lead is nurtured and no opportunity is missed.

3. What features does momencio offer to manage leads from USA trade shows?

momencio offers a suite of features tailored for lead management at trade shows, including real-time lead scoring, personalized email campaigns, and a digital assets library for instant access to marketing materials. Its AI-powered insights and CRM integration further simplify post-event follow-ups, making it an essential tool for maximizing your trade show investments.

4. Can momencio integrate with other event and marketing tools?

Yes, momencio integrates seamlessly with over 20 leading Event APIs and various CRM and marketing automation platforms. This integration facilitates a cohesive marketing strategy that bridges the gap between event activities and ongoing marketing initiatives, ensuring a smooth flow of data and enabling more strategic decision-making.

5. How do I measure the success of my participation in USA trade shows using momencio?

With momencio, measuring success is straightforward, thanks to comprehensive analytics and reporting features. You can track engagement levels, assess lead quality, and evaluate the effectiveness of follow-up strategies. This data-driven approach allows you to quantify your trade show ROI and make informed decisions on future event participation.


Maximize Trade Show Success with Proven Strategies

Take the next step towards ensuring your participation is as fruitful as possible. Discover proven strategies to maximize your trade show success and see how leveraging the right tools can make all the difference.

Read More: Maximize Trade Show Success with Proven Strategies.

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momencio - AI Lead Enrichment


The AI Lead Enrichment is a proprietary service of momencio designed to simplify and enhance the
process of capturing and enriching lead information at any type of event.

By using momencio’s mobile or tablet app, you can use the device’s camera to take a clear picture of any form of identification, including, but not limited to, name tags/event badges/business cards. Our AI-driven service leverages OCR technology to identify any information captured and map any relevant data to a contact record. The contact record is then fed to our Lead Enrichment service, which creates a more complete contact record. The process provides exhibitors with the most accurate and up-to-date contact details available.

The Reality of Event Data Collection

In the dynamic environment of event floors, achieving perfect data accuracy can sometimes be challenging. Both traditional lead capture methods using event APIs and AI Lead Enrichment strive for
high accuracy, but various factors can impact the data collected:

  • Personal Email Usage: Some attendees register with personal email addresses.
  • Name Misspellings: Minor errors can occur during registration.
  • Generic Email Addresses: Use of addresses like
  • Broad Registration Categories: Attendees might register under general titles (e.g., Biomedical
  • Complex Company Structures: Companies with multiple sub-companies can complicate data


AI Lead Enrichment is specifically designed to manage these scenarios, continually learning and
adapting to improve its accuracy.

Advanced Services for Lead Enrichment

AI Lead Enrichment leverages a suite of advanced tools and services to ensure the highest quality data retrieval:

  • Machine Learning: Continuously improves the accuracy of lead data.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): Enhances basic information with additional details.
  • Data Enrichment: Adds valuable contact details to enhance lead profiles.
  • LinkedIn Services: Provides up-to-date professional profiles.

Our Commitment to Excellence

AI Lead Enrichment excels in providing accurate data, yet certain edge cases may present challenges. These include:

  • Private LinkedIn Profiles: Some professional details might be inaccessible.
  • Personal Email Addresses: When registrants use personal rather than business emails.
  • Small-Scale Businesses: Limited online presence can affect data richness.
  • Self-Employed Individuals: Lack of company affiliation might limit available data.
  • Event Staff Contacts: Scanned badges may occasionally belong to event staff.
  • Extensive Sub-Company Networks: Complexity in identifying the correct entity.
  • Security-Sensitive Industries: Industries like military or government may have restricted

Despite these potential challenges,
AI Lead Enrichment strives to provide the best possible data,
ensuring valuable insights for effective follow-ups.

How AI Lead Enrichment Enhances Your Event Strategy

  1. Data Capture: Seamlessly capture attendee information such as first name, last name, and
    company name.
  2. Data Enrichment: Utilize AI to enhance this basic information with additional details like
    business email and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Immediate Engagement: Send personalized follow-up emails and provide links to personalized
    microsites to maintain engagement.


momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment innovative technology ensures high data accuracy and enrichment, significantly improving your follow-up strategies and boosting overall event ROI.

By operating independently of event-specific APIs, ULC offers versatility across various events while enhancing your lead capture and engagement efforts.

Additional Information on Event APIs

Traditional event APIs play a crucial role in modern event management, facilitating tasks like attendee data collection and session tracking. However, there are common challenges associated with these APIs:

  • Data Delays: Delays in data delivery can affect timely decision-making.
  • Inconsistent Data Quality: Variability in data quality can undermine event analytics.
  • Misleading Event Data: Issues like duplicates can lead to inaccurate attendee estimates.
  • Limited Data Scope: Traditional APIs might miss crucial information that enhances attendee
    engagement and event ROI.


momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment overcomes these challenges by offering enriched data with high
accuracy, making it a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional event APIs.

How AI Lead Enrichment Works

  1. Data Capture: Captures attendee information, including first name, last name, and company
  2. Data Enrichment: Enhances basic information with additional details like business email and
    LinkedIn profile.
  3. Immediate Engagement: Sends personalized follow-up emails and links to personalized
    microsites for continued engagement.

By leveraging momencio’s AI Lead Enrichment, you can transform event interactions into meaningful business opportunities, ensuring every lead is accurately captured and effectively engaged

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