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Mar 2016


◗◗Manos Sifakis: Starting With the Why

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Finding the Big Idea is one of the most important steps of creating a product. Starting with the why is the key ingredient. The why shapes the Big Idea into a solution that can disrupt a particular industry.

I have been involved with the digital space since the dot com era, solving a myriad of business challenges. Since the late 90s, I envisioned and architected hundreds of solutions for sales and marketing initiatives of Fortune 1000 companies. The one area that has captivated my interest is the art and science of generating B2B sales. I would think that most people would accept that sales is one of the most fundamental challenges of any business. We all know that businesses that can’t commercialize their products and services are not going to thrive, let alone survive.

A big portion of every marketing plan is dedicated to the organization’s event effort. Events are still going strong and are the most direct channel, excluding the actual sales visit and presentations. It still is the best chance brands have to connect with prospects face to face.

And yet events fail to capture everything that transpires at the show, and only produce a stack of business cards and the accompanied anecdotal descriptions of various prospects.The level of engagement and what transpired at the event is a complete mystery, and the booth’s staff have a quickly diminishing recollection of what was each prospect’s interest and next steps.

To make matters worse, the leads captured at the show, and the limited notes that were recorded during their visit are handed off to the sales side at least a couple of days after the show.

According to industry research

Only 2% of the leads receive a follow up within a day.

80% of the leads never receive a personalized follow up and from the remainder 20% another 80% don’t get pursued beyond 1-2 more touches.

The sales side is inundated with their active prospects and is not interested in shifting gears and putting the effort needed to convert these leads into customers.

Our why is based on the need to have an event effort that delivers the best possible ROI. Your brand deserves it.

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