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◗◗Announcing momencio’s groundbreaking feature: Universal Lead Capture powered by AI

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Universal Lead Capture - Event lead capture with ai


Transforming event lead management for the digital age

In a significant advancement for the event industry, momencio proudly introduces its latest innovation – Universal Lead Capture, powered by Artificial Intelligence. This pioneering feature marks a new chapter in how event professionals like planners, field marketers, and sales teams capture and utilize lead data, heralding an era of enhanced efficiency and strategic depth in event marketing.

Redefining flexibility: Beyond event-specific APIs

One of the standout attributes of Universal Lead Capture is its operational independence from event-specific APIs. This not only boosts its versatility but also presents a more cost-effective alternative to traditional, API-dependent lead capture methods. Universal Lead Capture’s adaptability across diverse event formats represents a significant advancement in event technology.

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Elevating data quality with AI-Driven enrichment

Universal Lead Capture excels in delivering both high-quality and comprehensive data. Moving beyond the basic capabilities of traditional event APIs, it provides enriched, up-to-date lead information. With an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 90% in data capture and enrichment, Universal Lead Capture ensures the reliability and actionability of the data it gathers.

Effortless and sophisticated event lead capture process

The AI-powered Universal Lead Capture transforms the complexity of lead data capture into a streamlined, automated process. Starting from a simple event badge scan, the system intelligently extracts and enhances lead data with critical details like work emails and LinkedIn profiles, ensuring accuracy and currency in the information captured.

Revolutionizing event marketing strategies and ROI

Universal Lead Capture’s enriched and precise data empowers marketers to craft highly targeted strategies, boosting attendee engagement and significantly increasing event ROI. It integrates seamlessly with various CRM systems, thus enhancing the utility and reach of the captured data for event marketers.

A new Era in event marketing with Universal Lead Capture

The release of Universal Lead Capture by momencio is more than just a feature launch; it’s a transformative movement in the realm of event marketing. With its advanced capabilities, Universal Lead Capture is set to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of lead management, transforming events into strategic platforms for business growth and relationship building.

Step into the future with momencio’s Universal Lead Capture

We are excited to unveil Universal Lead Capture and invite event professionals to explore its innovative capabilities. Embrace this advanced tool and transform every event into a significant opportunity for growth and client engagement. Experience the Future of event marketing with momencio’s Universal Lead Capture – the key to more intelligent, more impactful event marketing strategies.

Discover more about Universal Lead Capture and its impact on your event marketing strategy by booking a demo with us today.



  1. What is Universal Lead Capture by momencio and how does it transform event lead management? 
    1. It’s a groundbreaking AI-powered feature designed to revolutionize event lead management. It stands apart from traditional event-specific APIs by offering a more versatile, cost-effective, and efficient method for capturing and enriching lead data. This tool significantly enhances the way event professionals like planners, field marketers, and sales teams capture, utilize, and leverage lead data, ushering in a new era of strategic depth and efficiency in event marketing.
  2. How does Universal Lead Capture improve data quality in event marketing?
    1. Universal lead retrieval and lead capture elevate data quality by using AI-driven processes to enrich basic lead information with critical details like work emails and LinkedIn profiles. It surpasses traditional event APIs by providing more comprehensive and up-to-date lead information with an accuracy rate exceeding 90%, ensuring the data’s reliability and actionability for effective marketing strategies.
  3. What makes Universal Lead Capture a significant advancement over traditional event APIs?
    1. ULC’s main advancement over traditional event APIs lies in its operational independence, versatility across diverse event formats, and AI-driven data enrichment. This not only makes it more adaptable and efficient but also provides enriched, actionable lead data, a feature that traditional APIs typically lack.
  4. How does Universal Lead Retrieval impact event marketing strategies and ROI?
    1. With its AI-powered enriched and precise data, ULC enables marketers to develop highly targeted and effective event marketing strategies. This leads to increased attendee engagement, more efficient lead conversion, and a significant boost in event ROI. Additionally, its seamless integration with various CRM systems enhances the utility of captured data, aligning lead capture with broader marketing strategies.


momencio’s Universal Lead Capture heralds a new era in event marketing, providing event professionals with a powerful tool to transform their approach to lead management. By embracing this innovative solution, you can capitalize on every event opportunity, enhancing growth and client engagement. To fully understand the impact of Universal Lead Capture on your event marketing strategy, schedule a demo with momencio today.

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