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◗◗Why your salespeople struggle to enter notes in CRM after an event

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Events, such as business conferences and trade shows, can be a goldmine for gaining new clients or customers if you keep track of the leads you meet. Yet, salespeople struggle with keeping up-to-date with potential leads. For instance, if your salesperson didn’t have time to enter notes in the system because he had to her flight, she would miss out on capturing valuable contact information. Forgoing entering notes in a customer relationship management (CRM) system after an event leads to missed opportunities to grow the business. It can also hurt a company’s bottom line. But why is this happening? Take a look at the reasons behind this struggle and how to improve it to grow your business: 

The CRM Platform Is Complicated 

Ease of use is an essential factor in any software product, and it also has the potential to increase productivity among workers.  But when the platform is complicated, it can deter your salespeople from using it. Thus, it’s critical to have customer relationship management software that makes collecting lead information simply. 

Consider CRM software and marketing automation platforms that provide ease of integration. Salespeople can use it across different devices in a variety of settings, such as via a tablet when at the event and via a desktop at work. 

You can also select CRM software that helps your salespeople track engagement with customers after the event. Using CRM software to simplify the lead retrieval process makes it easy to access the lead’s information from mobile devices. For example, the salesperson can use a customer relationship management system via an event management app or a lead retrieval app. 

You can help your sales team get to know the customer relationship management platform by making it a part of your onboarding or training process. You can also enhance ease of use by integrating content from existing systems that you use and setting up dashboards. 

This allows your salespeople to immediately use the customer relationship management platform without the complications of navigating to find important information about their leads. By putting the information in front of the salespeople and making it easy to access, you can encourage your team to use the product to its full potential. 

Your Salespeople Don’t Understand the CRM’s Value

It’s important to drive home how significant customer relationship management software is to enhancing the customer experience and generating sales. If your sales team lacks this knowledge, they may not focus on using the platform and may not use the platform altogether. 

Moreover, if your salespeople aren’t even using the customer relationship management platform you provide, then there’s no way that you can get the valuable data you need about your leads. You can resolve this issue by driving the value of the customer relationship management platform. 

Explain the importance the platform has on improving sales follow-up with automated steps, including reminders for when to follow up and the next steps to take. When you use customer relationship management software powered with marketing automation and lead retrieval, such as momencio, you can amplify your engagement, enhance your sales follow-up, and create a personalized experience at the booth during your next event. 

Momencio can also simplify the lead retrieval process, including expediting the badge scanning process.  It can also be used to push lead data to a customer relationship management platform, such as Salesforce. 

Final Thoughts  

Being able to follow up with a lead after an event is crucial to continuing the conversation. That’s why it’s important to leverage a lead retrieval platform like momencio that can help your business automate lead follow-up and track engagement data post-event to personalize the experience better. 

By having strong customer relationship management software that’s easy to use, your salespeople can drive value behind the events while converting leads into paid customers.  


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