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◗◗7 Tactics and tools to capture event leads

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As an event exhibitor, capturing leads at trade shows and events is crucial to building your business. However, with so many attendees and limited time, it can be challenging to capture and manage all of your leads effectively. Fortunately, momencio has an all-in-one event enablement platform that offers lead capture tools to help exhibitors capture, engage, and follow-up with event leads efficiently and effectively.

Here are 7 tactics and tools that can help you capture more event leads.

Create a clear value proposition:

Your value proposition should be clearly stated and displayed in your booth or promotional materials to help attendees understand what your business offers and why they should work with you.

Use an interactive display:

Interactive displays like touch screens, VR or AR experiences, and games can be a fun and engaging way to capture leads and increase brand awareness.

Leverage Lead Capture Tools: momencio’s lead capture tools, like badge scanning and digital forms, make it easy to capture contact information and qualify leads.

Offer incentives:

Incentives like giveaways, exclusive discounts, or personalized consultations can entice attendees to visit your booth and provide their contact information.

Follow-up with personalized emails:

Using Momencio’s e-mail follow-up feature, you can send personalized emails to your leads after the event to continue the conversation and move them closer to a sale.

Use social media:

Use social media to promote your booth and encourage attendees to visit you. You can also use social media to capture leads by hosting giveaways or contests.

Use Real-time Engagement Insights:

momencio’s real-time lead engagement insights help you identify the most engaged leads so you can prioritize follow-ups and close deals faster.

In conclusion, momencio’s event enablement platform offers exhibitors the tools they need to capture, engage, and follow up with leads effectively. By leveraging these 7 tactics and tools, exhibitors can increase their lead capture rates, qualify leads more efficiently, and ultimately, drive more sales. As a sales and marketing professional, field marketer, event planner, or event vendor, you can rely on momencio to help you make the most out of your next event.

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