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5 Must-Have Features of an Event Lead Capture App



Attending important networking events, such as trade shows, is a vital part of many businesses’ marketing strategy. However, many companies struggle to successfully capture, engage with, and convert the leads they generate from these events. This is where event lead capture software comes into play, as this B2B Sales Tool allows sales and marketing teams to easily follow up leads, track prospects, access vital analytics, and more.

Of course, not all event lead capture apps are created equally.

So how do you find the right platform for your business? To help you find the right event marketing tool, we’ve rounded up the most essential features to look for.

Here are 5 Must-Have Features of an Event Lead Capture App


1. Lead Capture

Unless you have an efficient process for capturing leads at a networking or trade show event, precious leads may just walk on by.

Fortunately, technological advancements in lead capture software allows you to gather these details quickly and easily. Some more advanced event lead capture apps have the ability to either scan a badge or a business card to capture leads automatically, without the need for manual input.

Of course, it’s easy to gather these details, but the harder (and perhaps more time-consuming) part is lead qualification. This is where automation is necessary. Some apps allow users to determine their own lead qualification questions and scoring system, thus sorting this information to identify the leads which require attention.

Once you’ve captured leads from an event, you’ll no doubt want to export this information to be accessed on other platforms relevant to your company. Ensure your lead capture app has an easy-to-use function for accessing and exporting leads after the event, along with the activity information that comes with them, such as content presented, qualification scores, notes, and more.


2. Engagement

Successful lead engagement allows you to reach out to your leads with the information they want at exactly the right time. Yet, without utilizing features of event lead capture software, this is extremely difficult to do.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a platform that has several built-in features to make this not only possible, but easy. A good event marketing tool should allow you to have your latest collateral at your fingertips so you can engage your leads with relevant videos, PDFs, slides, and more. Additionally, it should allow customization to create a better brand experience for your leads, including the ability to add your brand’s logo, colors, and more.


3. Follow-Up

It’s important that the relationship you established with your leads doesn’t end once the event is over. In fact, 80% of acquired event leads never receive a follow-up, often due to an inability to track prospect engagement after tradeshows and events. That’s a lot of hard work down the drain!

An excellent lead capture app should automate the follow-up process as much as possible, particularly for two key emails: the instant follow-up and post-event follow-up. Having an app that automatically sends or schedules personalized versions of these emails ensures you maintain and deepen lead engagement with relevant collateral.


4. Insights

All of the aspects we have talked about are important in relation to lead capture; however, the ability to comb through insights from rich datasets is the most essential feature for any marketing activity. This information allows marketers to make better informed decisions, monitor campaigns, measure performance, and calculate ROI, for example.

Ideally, look for a platform that provides you with the following key insights:

  • Leads Acquired
  • Lead Notes
  • Lead Qualification Insights
  • Unique tradeshow booth attendees
  • Repeat attendees
  • Time spent on presentation assets
  • Brand assets requested
  • Follow-up emails sent / opened
  • Personalized landing page visits
  • Visit Duration
  • Assets Viewed / Duration

5. Integrations

Finally, an event lead capture app isn’t entirely useful if it cannot be integrated with the tools or systems you currently have in place for your business, such as your Marketing Automation (MA) platform or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. You should always be able to  instantly transfer your valuable customer information to the infrastructure of your choice, if required.


If you’re looking for a platform that can provide all these must-have features, momencio can help. Schedule a demo today to find out how our event lead capture app can assist your business to succeed.


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