Your Event's IoT Platform

Unify all your event sensors under one platform that focuses on engagement during an event and real-time insights

Event IoT

Universal lead retrieval

Let’s be honest. Collecting business cards is convenient in the moment – and then a complete pain when you get back from your events. momencio’s next-level lead retrieval solution provides you with powerful functionality that enables your team to focus on personalized lead details – not just an email address.

Lead qualification

All leads are not created equal – and that’s ok. But you need to know which ones require the most attention, so you can give your sales team the best chance at closing a deal. Customize your lead qualification questions and close the gap between your event interactions and your post-show follow-up.

Email campaigns

Want to drive traffic to your booth? Of course you do! Promote your organization and offerings to customers and prospects in the days leading up to your event – and the weeks after, so you never lose sight of their interest.