Interactive Event Technologies: Finding the Wow Factor That Works For Your Brand


It’s hard not to be seduced by the new, particularly when it comes to technology. We here at momencio know this all too well – pretty sure every one of us is packing the latest iteration of their chosen smartphone. We are tech people, and we get it – new tech is a siren.

She pulls you in with fancy features and improved speeds, and promises you’ll be able to create amazing things with merely a few taps on the touchscreen. But you do remember the story of the sirens from lit class, right? Those ocean-residing ladies pulled the sailors in and then destroyed them.

Obviously, iPhone 7 is not going to come for your soul. But a wrong technology purchase could make you fairly miserable. While sparkly new devices harness much potential for businesses and brands, they only are worth their often-hefty price tags if the possibilities they enable to solve the problems that you have.

There’s no reason to spring for a snow blower if you live in Florida, and there’s no reason to invest in interactive event technologies that don’t fit your brand’s personality, needs, or clients. So, how do you choose?

Tech in event marketing

Gone are the days when a fancy pop-up banner from the overnight sign shop will get you the foot traffic you need at your next trade show. Attendees have come to expect wow factor, and with your booth neighbors sporting interactive gaming and experiences, you have to find a way to compete.

Years ago, IT research giant Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs would be spending more on IT than CIOs. The future is here.

Marketers are becoming more tech-focused because consumers are. Advanced technology also offers markets insightful data and analytics that old-school promotions never could.

Our clients have, with our help, begun using interactive tables, iPads with custom event-specific apps, video walls, and even virtual experiences using HoloLens and more. These tools are not only a draw on the competitive show floor, but allow a company to market differently to different audiences in a matter of seconds.

For businesses that need to market to multiple niches at the same event, this ability is invaluable.

The downside

In short: just because it is popular doesn’t mean it will work for you and your brand. Like with all your marketing, you need to clearly single out your ideal customer, and think about the way they would like to receive information.

You also have to ensure that this tool will be able to properly explain or share the information you need to be promoted. Too many idealistic companies have wasted valuable resources, time, and money to bring about a new tech-focused marketing tool only to eventually abandon it because it could not deliver the impact they needed.

Questions to ask before you buy in

What is the real business need?

You are heading to your next event for a reason – what is it? Are you trying to promote a new product, or explain the changes to an updated one? Are you showing off a new brand look, or continuing a recognition campaign?

Know what your message is and the images, flow charts, facts, etc. that you will need to deliver it.  Then think about what technology will actually display everything in the clearest and most attractive manner.

Who is your target booth visitor?

A retail distributor will want different information than the end-customer, a physician different fodder than an insurance broker. If there’s one type of visitor you are expecting, ensure the technology and the way the message is delivered will resonate with them. If there’s more than one potential viewer, can the tech you are considering give you the opportunity to change messaging on the fly?

What’s the end game?

They came, they saw, but now what? Your tech needs to have a clear call to action that supports your reason for being there in the first place. Make sure there is a take-away for the client and for you.

What can you handle?

There is something to be said for baby steps, especially when it comes to investing in expensive gadgets, development, servers, and more. Get a true grasp on what the entire marketing approach will cost, as well as what kind of ROI you can expect from it.

Technology has been developed to solve problems, enhance experiences, and deliver results. Modern devices and apps can attract visitors, educate them, and save their information and feedback to kick-off the sales experience, all in one fell swoop.

But to do all these truly amazing things, it needs to be the right set-up for your unique brand. Get to thinking about what you really need and then get in touch so we can help you bring it to life in time for your next event.