attendee management

pre-show and on-site registration
Whether attendees are signing up months in advance or the morning of your big show, momencio has you covered. Our simple-to-use registration system offers a straightforward approach to attendee management that is sure to meet the needs of your event.

self check-in
Reduce clutter and save time with momencio’s self check-in kiosks and print-your-own badge technology.


exhibitor services


app-based lead retrieval

Let’s be honest. Collecting business cards is convenient in the moment – and then a complete pain when you get back from your events. momencio’s next-level lead retrieval solution provides you with powerful functionality that enables your team to focus on personalized lead details – not just an email address.


lead qualification

All leads are not created equal – and that’s ok. But you need to know which ones require the most attention, so you can give your sales team the best chance at closing a deal. Customize your lead qualification questions and close the gap between your event interactions and your post-show follow-up.


pre & post-show email campaigns

Want to drive traffic to your booth? Of course you do! Promote your organization and offerings to customers and prospects in the days leading up to your event – and the weeks after, so you never lose sight of their interest.


on-demand digital presentations

Most paper collateral that is handed out at events ends up in the same place – the trash. And it’s probably not because it didn’t contain valuable information. It just isn’t convenient...especially for those who travel. Go green and gain engagement insights you won’t find with a printed hand-out.

custom event apps

Now more than ever, events are requiring a simple, native solution for attendee and exhibitor engagement. We help put all your important event information in one place for easy access throughout the day. From session details and reminders to venue maps, we’ve got it covered. Let us know what information you need to share and we’ll craft the perfect user experience for your event.

Key app features include:

  • Agendas
  • Venue Maps
  • Session content
  • Audience Response
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Attendee engagement data

interactive booth experiences

Memorable in-booth experiences don’t have to be limited to the duration of your event. Our interactive solutions are backed by momencio, giving your organization continuous engagement insights from the time you capture a lead until the time you close a sale.

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integrated solutions

While we would love to be your one and only event solution, we know we might not be. And that’s ok. We’ve created a partner-ready API to power your event stack with momencio’s insight engine.

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