Events are your marketing's biggest expense
- and headache.


80% of your acquired event leads never receive a follow-up


Inability to track prospect engagement after tradeshows and events


Lack of quantitative data to prove tradeshow ROI


Excessive print and drayage costs for sales collateral that never go beyond your lead's hotel room


You constantly defend your event budget

Simple, yet holistic lead retrieval.

momencio is the solution to every event marketer's biggest challenges. Your event budget that is dedicated to lead retrieval will not only capture leads for you, but it will also enhance their engagement with your brand. Digital assets to present and follow up with,  allow us to maintain the lead's interest and amplify the conversion probability when the leads get assigned to sales.

Scan to acquire a lead.

Acquiring a lead works as expected. You can scan a badge with momencio's ability to integrate with any registration platform.

Alternatively momencio captures leads by scanning a lead's business card.

And finally, for those that have a pre-existing customer list that they want to work with, momencio can also allow you to pick your lead via a contact search.


Present. Digitally.

Say goodbye to expensive print collateral that never make it past the hotel room, let alone the exhibit floor.

Take your marketing collateral with you, digitally. momencio gives you the unprecedented ability to have any of your marketing collateral at your finger tips readily available for your next conversation with a lead.

No more logistical nightmares around print. No more unnecessary print and drayage costs. No more killing trees for no reason.


Follow-up. Instantly.

momencio automatically emails tradeshow attendees with a link to a personalized microsite after your presentation ends. This takes the past event pressure off of your salespeople, who no longer have to remember which prospect to email with which message.


Actionable Insights.

Access a wide range of metrics and insights on momencio's secure event portal, filled with useful dashboards. For those that want to work with the data outside momencio, our user-friendly export  functionality gives you quick access to your insights in your favorite platform. Some of the insights provided are:

  • Leads Acquired
  • Lead Notes
  • Lead Qualification Insights 
  • Unique tradeshow booth attendees
  • Repeat attendees 
  • Time spent on presentation assets
  • Brand assets requested
  • Follow-up emails sent / opened
  • Personalized landing page visits
  • Visit Duration
  • Assets Viewed / Duration

Lead Engagement.

momencio provides cross-channel visibility so that you can quickly see which assets are the most popular and who's showing interest. Real-time activity feeds alert you to the best time to follow up for maximum impact.


Collateral Performance.

momencio can show you which marketing materials are leveraged on the tradeshow floor, and which materials are resonating most with your leads.

You can now gain valuable insights that will be your guide for your next event.


Go beyond the floor.

momencio draws on a full ecosystem of sensors to automatically log your prospects' engagement with your brand − starting with the initial presentation on the tradeshow floor, then moving on to face-to-face meetings, emails, microsite visits, phone calls and more. By layering data onto each lead that visits your tradeshow booth, momencio provides insights that drive sales even after the event is over.


from healthcare to entertainment
some of the world's largest brands use momencio
to generate leads and close sales.


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