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Mar 2017


◗◗Extending Your Event: Follow Your Leads Beyond the Booth

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Win leads beyond booth?

You just had a great event, getting your company name and information in front of a lot of people. You had meaningful interactions with a number of potential clients and collected their information. Overall it felt like a successful day. Now what?! Making new connections and gathering information at an event are great first steps, but they are just the beginning. When the event is over and your booth is all packed up, your job of converting leads into customers has just started. If you do not already have systems in place to help you follow your leads beyond the booth, it is important to get them established. Following your leads beyond the booth ensures you do not miss out on the opportunities you created at the event.

Strike while the iron is hot

The best time to get in touch with the connections you made at an event is as soon as possible. Research from shows that a quick follow-up will have the maximum impact. A speedy follow-up enables you to connect with prospects at the point where their interest or need for your services is at its peak. Do not give potential clients the chance to forget about you and your company. Failing to follow up quickly with leads can result in lost opportunities. You put time, effort, and financial resources into the event. Do not allow a lack of follow-through to turn the whole initiative into a waste.

Get personal

If you really want to get the attention of your leads, you have to do more than send a generic follow-up email. The stats show that the majority of people (at least 75%) use email as a part of their marketing strategy. You must find a way to set your connection efforts apart so you do not end up in the trashcan with the spam mail. One way to do this is by getting personal with your follow-up. Use the information you gathered at the event to customize the information that you send to potential customers. People like to be remembered and feel valued, and personalized follow-up can make that happen.

Be consistent

There are some ideal situations in which you close a lead at the very first point of contact. When that happens, take a moment to celebrate and then remember that is not the norm. Most leads will require multiple touches before they are converted into paying customers. That is why you must be consistent with your follow-up after an event. Develop a schedule that includes emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and any other point of contact that keeps you and the lead connected. Keep track of the ways you have interacted with the potential customer. Then, you can maximize your impact and eventually convert the lead into a close.

Streamline the process

Converting leads after an event through your follow-up efforts takes work; there is no way to get around it. But you can streamline the process with the help of technology to ensure that none of your valuable leads fall through the cracks after an event. momencio is a platform that can help you capture leads, create customized follow-up, and stay connected with potential customers long after an event is over. You can use it to learn who visited your booth, what they viewed while they were there, and what they found most compelling. That information can then be used to create a personalized microsite and email follow-up campaign that speaks specifically to the wants and needs of the lead. momencio is an invaluable resource if you are serious about extending your event and following your leads beyond the booth.

If you want to help increase the impact you have at your next event, schedule a demo and find out what momencio can do for you.

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