momencio Fall Platform Release 2.3


Here are the new features you can enjoy with momencio 2.3 the fall platform release of momencio.

Events Edition

New device Support

There are now more device options than ever for using momencio on iOS. You can now use momencio on your iPod touch, the smallest device available on iOS allowing maximum mobility.

Multiple application types

There are now three different application types available in momencio:

  1. momencio Events: designed for capturing leads, qualifying leads, one-on-one presentations, sending smart collateral, and an automated follow-up process, allowing your team to make contact with new leads right away.
  2. momencio Events lead-capture application: allowing users to capture leads in a branded app. The Qualify Lead, Quiz, Survey, and Notes functions will be available.

Branded Apps

The latest release of momencio enables you to brand all event applications you create. Administrative users can now customize the header, logo, and background image. This means that you can enjoy a fully immersive experience for every event application you produce, greatly enhancing your marketing efforts with minimal effort.

Smart Notes Improved

Administrative users can create their own note tags from within the Application Management section. Create a quick tagging system that works for your company’s goals and strategy.

Branded Surveys

Even while leads fill out a standard event survey, they’ll receive a fully branded experience. The Survey manager now has a branding settings section. Oftentimes, it’s the details that help establish your brand as a trustworthy partner.

Tracking all activities within an event

We’ve also added a new section, “Activity Type” where you can select from a range of activity options for every event: Dinners, Breakout sessions, etc. That way all team members can quickly understand what went on in every planned event activity and tailor their outreach.

Automated post event follow-up email

One exciting new feature automatically sends acquired leads a predetermined “thank you” email 30 minutes after the event if we haven’t already sent out a microsite. You’ll impress your leads with prompt follow-up and remain top of mind.

Sales Edition

Send smart collateral to multiple leads & groups at one time

You can now share collateral with groups of emails, ensuring that all captured leads see your customized content. To send out a group message, simply go into the Campaigns section under Communications Center.

Customizable timezones and date format

With the new updates, you can customize the timezone and date format, that currently defaults from your computer settings. Individual users can change these settings from the “Date and Time” section under Settings.

New and improved calendar displays

The momencio calendar display has been updated to be more user-friendly than ever before. If you integrate momencio with Gmail, you can even see all events from Google Calendar on your momencio display. All members of your team can stay up-to-date on events at a single glance.

Permissions-based application options

Administrative users can now create user groups and assign customized permissions to each group. By going into the iOS section of Applications Management, you can fully control what every group can access. This helps protect your data and ensure that your team members have access to the momencio features they need.

Questions about the new features? Talk to your customer success representative so we can help you get the most out of momencio.