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The events enablement platform that goes beyond traditional lead capture.

Make every moment and lead count with momencio.

Engage in deeper conversations with your leads, leveraging in-app digital collateral. Create custom follow ups in seconds. Obtain real-time access to comprehensive, up-to-date lead engagement insights. Make informed decisions that will help you win more deals and close them faster.

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Innovative technology solves the sales challenge of capturing and engaging with leads.

momencio is a Software as a Service platform that enables sales & marketing teams to capture and engage with contacts. One of the great applications of this technology is in the events space, offering a complete solution for exhibitors to capture and engage leads at their booth and beyond.

Want to go beyond capturing leads at your next event?

It’s your time to lead the moment and go to your events with the most holistic lead capture and engagement platform in the market.

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It never gets old to see our new leads get a personalized follow up before they even leave our booth, with materials that they were interested in.

Technology Sales Manager

We are using momencio as a lead capture, as well as a sales enablement tool. It is our Swiss Army knife for sales and marketing.

Manufacturing Marketing Leader

Not only do I capture all kinds of information about my leads but I am also taking care of the email follow up before they even leave our booth.

Life Sciences Event Marketer

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Approved organizations can get 5 free momencio licenses for up to 3 months*.

*Subscriptions end on, or before March 31st, 2022.

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