COVID-19 Industry Offer Announcement


Philadelphia, PA – Supporting one another in times of stress and disruption is vital to our communities and our economy.  In an effort to support businesses impacted by COVID-19, customedialabs will be offering momencio free of charge to select organizations.

We’ve been apart for several months and reuniting at live in-person events will again offer special moments to make new connections.  momencio is your solution to any organization needing to amplify B2B event ROI by providing cutting-edge functionality guaranteed to maximize your customer engagement

As the most holistic lead capturing and engagement platform, momencio provides:

  • Lead Capture
  • Qualification & Surveying
  • Voice Note Taking
  • Presentation of Digital Assets
  • Custom Email Follow up
  • Gamification
  • CRM
  • Real-time engagement analytics
  • Integration with other CRM’s, Marketing Automation platforms and more


“We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another, and I strongly believe that within this new challenging reality we all need to do our part in order to help as many businesses as possible get booted back up and start growing again” says Manos Sifakis, CEO of customedialabs

“Over its 9 years of operation, our platform has proved that it can work wonders for event businesses when they engage with new and existing customers. During these turbulent times, why not give businesses a 3 month, free introductory opportunity to trial our powerful engagement platform?  We want businesses to thrive.”

About momencio

momencio is an enterprise level lead capture and engagement platform that works across many B2B industries globally. For the past 9 years, momencio has helped a wide range of customers capture leads efficiently and ensure that all leads have been engaged and followed up properly. Providing a well branded experience and a combination of Marketing Automation, CRM and Analytics, momencio platform delivers great results, following each and every lead’s engagement both during the event and long after its ending.

“We all need to do our part in order to help as many businesses as possible get booted back up and start growing again” 

Manos Sifakis 
CEO of customedialabs

This offer will be valid for subscriptions that expire no later than March 31st, 2022.

Select organizations can get 5 free momencio
licenses for 3 months.

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Make every moment and lead count with momencio.

Don’t miss the opportunity to  supercharge your events with a platform that is incredibly easy to use yet more powerful than any other lead capture solution.

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